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Building Consultancy

We have specialist surveyors who advise on a wide spectrum of building condition aspects relating to commercial property.

We act for owners/landlords and purchasers/tenants in providing tailored advice to ensure a full understanding of the building, or estate, being considered.

In general, this usually results in the preparation of Building Condition reports which range from a full survey to a Specific Defects report.

We understand the complexity of all building related matters and will liaise with fellow professionals to ensure that appropriate advice is provided, whether purchasing a building or entering into a leasehold transaction.

A summary of the main areas of work undertaken by this department is as follows:

  • Preparation of Schedules of Condition – an often overlooked document to limit a tenant’s liability to repair.  Such Schedules, which normally include detailed photographic evidence, regularly result in significant cost savings to tenant occupiers.
  • Preparation of interim and terminal Schedules of Dilapidations undertaken for landlords. This can be critically important advice to deal with strategy and to serve a formal Schedule in accordance with RICS Regulations and Protocols.
  • Supervision of landlords’ or tenants’ works emanating from the above.
  • Assessment of dilapidations liability report. This is often needed on assignment of a leasehold interest or alternatively for balance sheet purposes.
  • Advice on Licences for Alterations.